Educational Advocacy

Autism Connection’s Educational Advocacy services are available to any family with a child diagnosed with Autism
Our Educational Advocate has expertise in autism and its impact on children, as well as their families.  They can guide you through some of the complexities of educational law and the educational system and help you understand school documents.

There are options available for families to best accommodate their individual needs.

The following services are free:

  • phone consultation (up to 30 minutes)
  • parent trainings on various aspects of the IEP process and educational systemwebsite resources

The following are fee-based services:

  • in-office consult to discuss concerns and goals
  • review of evaluations
  • attendance at IEP meeting
  • research and preparation for meetings
  • participation in mediation or resolution meetings with the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA)

The hourly fee is $55, billed monthly.  Payment is due 30 days from receipt of bill. Travel time greater than ½ hour is billed at this rate.

Families may be eligible for a scholarship to offset the cost of our Educational Advocacy services. Scholarship applications are available on request.

Families who do not qualify for a scholarship can discuss different payment plan options with Autism Connection staff.

Autism Connections reserves the right to pause services until overdue bills are brought up to date or payment plans are honored.

Please feel free to call us during regular business hours (Mon- Fri 9-5pm) for more information or to speak with someone about our services.

Please know that our staff are not attorneys and can neither provide legal advice nor function as a spokesperson or representative of the family. Nor can staff make decisions for you. We can help you understand your choices and the impact of those choices, but the decisions always remain with the family.