Welcome to the Autism Center

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Autism Connections provides a wide variety of services through our Autism Centers in Easthampton and Pittsfield, as well as family and individual supports through referrals by the Department of Developmental Services.

Autism Connections provides support, information, and practical help for children and adults with autism (and their families) living in western Massachusetts.

Autism Connections was founded in 1989 by parents of children with autism. Their goal was to help families, schools, professionals, agencies, and communities understand autism, promote the well-being of individuals with autism and foster their inclusion within the local community.

We continue to focus on helping individuals and families build on their strengths, work together to create a positive vision for the future, and help children and adults learn, grow, and be welcomed, and fully-included members of our communities.

The Autism Center offers the following free services:

Information and referral

These services are available to all individuals with autism and their families as well as professionals. Some fees may apply and are noted above.


Direct Services by Department of Disabilities referral


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