Experience a unique and effective approach to enhancing child development.
We believe that children with developmental differences can thrive. Our expertise in neuroscience allows us to recognize potential in all those we serve, and to focus our efforts on identifying strategies to strengthen existing capabilities and build new ones.

Our integrated care model is based on the scientific research and clinical practice of our founder, Dr. Suzanne Goh and integrates neurological, biomedical, behavioral, speech-language and sensorimotor therapies to achieve superior developmental outcomes for the children and families we serve.

We provide every child at Cortica with an individualized program to accelerate learning and development. An essential ingredient for success is collaboration among physicians, therapists, parents, children and our extended communities. Together, we clarify the complex, celebrate extraordinary efforts and witness moments of brilliance as our children grow new skills and abilities.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of Cortica’s mission and impact. We foster a culture that nurtures self and group identities, cultivating respect and empathy for differences. Our commitment to these values extends from the workplace to each child, family, and community we serve.