Berkshire Speech + Language

When Andrea White started Berkshire Speech + Language almost ten years ago her goal was to provide the latest evidence-based therapeutic services for children and adolescents who need speech, language, or autism services. At that time there were no speech-language pathology practices in the Berkshires that treated autism. And many new technologies like augmentative communication, web-based therapy programs, biofeedback, and speech therapy tools for parents and therapists like Speech Buddies were either unknown or not used in the Berkshires. Children were misdiagnosed and were receiving either no treatment. Parents were frustrated. Kids weren’t getting what they needed to make progress. SPED teachers and specialists in schools were overwhelmed. Andrea has brought fresh new thinking and an optimistic can-do attitude to diagnosing and treating child and adolescent communication disorders using methods based on the latest scientific research and up-to-date technologies.

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